Edgy Styling

New month and new thoughts.  I thought I would try another style focus post on being Edgy.  Annnnnddd this is a super hard topic because, fashionistas and models alike don't agree that there is such a thing as edgy.

So a disclaimer in that this is not a definitive guide because there is no true definition of edgy.  There are also casual edgy, and fashion edgy.  Fashion edgy and Photography edgy.  Etc. Etc.

Truth be told, models and photographers say there is no definition

Henri3 (photographer) wrote:
"Should be obvious. Once it's definable, it's no longer edgy."


Here is the best summary of what edgy is:

"Edgy Fashion means one breast exposed, but not two."

Magnus Hedemark wrote:
"It is an undefinable word, as it is used differently by everyone to describe some ambiguous quality admired by the individual."

"For me, 'edgy' is a quality of the model that is portrayed by a combination of looks and posing/manner. In the end, something edgy is attractive and fascinating but in a non-pretty way, maybe even with a touch of darkness."

WHAT IS EDGY (Tiff's Viewpoint)
So I'm approaching an undefined style.  Okay.  However I do believe there is a specific generic edgy style out there, just like there is a generic idea of physical beauty.  After you get the template down (of edgy or what is physically beautiful) then you can diversify it into personal tastes.  If you do a Google Search for Edgy Fashion you get the same styles from different sources showcasing edgy fashion.

To me Edgy can be seen in Alexander Wang fashion

Alexander Wang
When models for something edgy they are generally looking for something "different". This can be in the styling, concept, location or posing.

Edgy Fashion has, of course, an edge.  Black.  Classic.  Hardcore.  Rocker.  Avant Garde.  Runway.  Grunge.  Faded.  Destroyed.  Leather.  Denime.  Spikes.  Studs.  etc. etc.

It is fierce.  It gives masculine accents to feminine looks, or transforms what is generic masculine into something fashionable/artistic.  It is something that cool but different.  It's not necessarily pretty but it is attractive and causes fascination.

It is NOT grunge, NOT skater, NOT goth.  That is a mistake a stylist will fall into.  Looking a little too vampire.  Too zombie.  Too sk8r.  You want fashionable edgy.

 Here is a video on making your everyday look edgy.

Edgy ala Alexander Wang fashion
Fashion designers add "badass" elements or composition elements that incite action or promise violence to their otherwise feminine designs to make them edgy.  You're edgy when you look totally confident, a bit rock star.  You look a bit naughty, a bit haughty, promise violence, or seem a bit unapproachable.

How to get Edgy
Take a feminine look and add a main element that makes it look either: violent, warrior-like, or rock-star.  Blacks and grays are favorite colours of edgy fashionistas.

For example, wear a feminine black dress and add an unconventional shoulder accent (which looks like a gladiator pauldron):


Instead of a simple tee, wear one with a rocker-like print


Here's how Alexander Wang's Fall 2013 fashion show was described:

Alexander Wang must have been studying boxing. From wrapping hands in layers of bandage for protection, to the padded gloves, Wang took this concept and ran with it in this knockout collection. Starting from the ankle warmers and running to the head-enveloping stocking caps, he didn’t miss an opportunity to cover, layer and add texture. The great coats were, well, great, as were the fur mittens/boxing gloves that extended to above the elbow.

Boxing!  Violence, Fighting.  Edgy.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/fashion/armor-glamour-fashion-week-article-1.1259747#ixzz2bbqM8mml


CLOSET ESSENTIALS FOR EDGY (As Recommended by those trying to define Edgy)
Okay this is what "experts" say you need to get the edgy look.  They recommend dangerous pieces like studs, metal bits sticking out of your clothes like more and blatant zippers, clothing that looks like you've been dragged across the road after falling from a motorbike like distressed jeans, or clothing for the bike itself like biker jackets.  I'm sure that you can do better.. but it's a good list of what to invest in if you want an edgy style.

Volume hair (rocker hair like classic Avril Lavigne)

Black eyeliner (this will make your eyes look smaller and is dangerous for the narrow eyed  look that is popular with SL models)

Edgy Patterns and Pieces

Leather Jackets (especially biker jackets)
Little Black Dress (not edgy by itself but a lot of edgy styles involve layering over or under the LBD)

Non-blue Jeans
Distressed Jeans
Ripped Jeans
Leggings and Tights

Footwear with Edgy Patterns or Pieces (eg.  like Michael Kors zip wedge)

Want a quick edgy styling?  Try these:

Easy Edgy #1
1. Take one (1) main item that is edgy
2. Dress around it with non-edgy, even feminine items

Easy Edgy #2:
1. Take your conventional look
2. Swap out the nearest identical piece that has an edgy accent (good idea to keep the 1 main edgy item approach)

Easy Edgy Sample Stylings

  • Biker Jacket + Feminine Soft Dress + Feminine  Heels
  • Studded Bracelet (edgy) + little black dress
  • Studded Bracelet (edgy) + casual outfit
  • Zippered wedges + subtle clothing
  • Wear Everything with (Edgy) Boots

Glamour Magazine Recommendations

  • Wear a bold coat on top of black jeans and a tee.
  • Little black dress +  black turtleneck underneath + ankle boots + badass jewelry
  • Wear a tuxedo blazer + a tangle of chains (nothing or something thin under the blazer)
  • Fierce heels + skinny jeans + bright red lipstick

Comment:  you'll find things like spiked sweaters (see easy edgy #2), and spikey bangles


Overdoing things
Too much "edge" and it's not so fashionable and we fall into the trap of either looking like we tried too hard.

Fashion Edgy is Not Wacky
Fashion Edgy can be avant garde but not Fashion Wacky.  A lot of the SL model schools will teach wacky but try to pass it as edgy which I don't like.

TIPS (source: http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2011/aug/07/style-clinic-edgy-wacky-look)

To have an "edge" takes an eye for detail. Focus on your avant-garde designers who experiment with fabric and cut, and then find one who works for you. Create your personal style by finding an up-and-coming jewellery designer for investment pieces, and look at hair and make-up trends. To have the edge, you need to be ahead of the fashion pack – leave "wacky" at the art college door. JO JONES, FASHION EDITOR

"Wacky" means an overload of colour, print or accessories; "edgy" is far more chic and requires confidence. Edgy dressers experiment with trends but manage to avoid the fashion victim look – they go for minimal, experimental designers like Olivier Theyskens, Helmut Lang or Rick Owens. Finally, get an edgy dressing muse to channel! The aim is more Olsen twin and less Su Pollard. HELEN SEAMONS, DEPUTY FASHION EDITOR

I think the difference between "edgy" and "wacky" is palette and shape. It's really important to keep an eye on your palette and create the edge by wearing something with subtly interesting cuts or shapes, such as asymmetry or draping, rather than going for all-out colour or pattern and looking mad! Layering is also a great technique, but again don't overdo it. "Edgy" comes from wearing your clothes well and mixing key pieces with basics. Helmut Lang, Maison Martin Margiela, Acne, Rick Owens and Alexander Wang are my favourites for simple, modern pieces that have a subtle edge. BRIX SMITH-START, TV PRESENTER AND CO-OWNER OF START-LONDON.COM

Twitter tip: Don't clash patterns; wear a lot of black. @SOPHWILKINSON

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Pose Stores in SL

I've been on the hunt for really good poses.  A few months ago I was really into taking quick snapshots and then hacking around in photoshop, especially with composition (mixing photos).

Now I've been thinking of doing that again.  But I'm bored with my poses!  So.. time to shop.  Here's my pose store hopping.

The Muse Pose 
tp: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/October%20Enterprises/137/228/28

A place with reasonable price.  Good poses for fashion.

Price Range: 60-75 L$ per pose
Ads that preview the poses in the series?  no
Female: yes
Male: one set
Couples: a couple of couples poseballs
Props: no


Diesel Works Poses & Animations.
tp: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brooklyn/81/128/22

Price Range: 75L - 90L per pose (around 439L transfer or 499 copy for a set of 11 or so)

An excellent variety with Good poses for many styles.

Ads that preview the poses in the series?  yes
Female: yes
Male: yes
Couples: yes
Props: yes
Manifeste-The Art of Posing
tp: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Changes/105/44/22

Price Range: 100L per pose (around 899 for a fatpack of about 10 poses)

A lot of fashion poses to choose from.

Ads that preview the poses in the series?  no
Female: yes
Male: didn't see any
Couples: didn't see any
Props: didn't see any


Everglow (50% off summer sale)
tp: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tupai%20Island/159/8/24

Price Range: 25L per pose (200L for a set of 10, 1750L for a set of 100)

A lot of poses to choose from.  Nice big open store.  I like lots of empty space instead of claustrophobic stores.

Ads that preview the poses in the series?  yes
Female: yes
Male: yes
Couples: yes
Props: yes


tp: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Etherea/41/231/24

Price Range: 40L per pose (250L for a set of 8 or 10, 100L for a set of 5)

A nice variety of poses.  Including interesting things like a set of flamenco (dance) poses with some very unique positions outside of the safe, fashion poses.  Some of the poses here did pop out -- and standing out from the crowd is always good in posing for an audience.

Ads that preview the poses in the series?  yes
Female: yes
Male: yes
Couples: yes
Props: yes
Group: yes


Di's Opera
tp: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bonaire84/35/79/21

Price Range: 75L per pose (600L for a set of 10)

Another one of those fashion pose specialty places.  The words couture, glam, and french phrases adorn the very elegant pose stands.  Huge posters adorn the walls.  It tries very hard to create an ambiance of fashion culture.  The poses do stand out though, with interesting asymmetry to many of them.

Ads that preview the poses in the series?  no
Female: yes
Male: no
Couples: no
Props: no


Del May's
tp: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Terravia%20Island/231/36/23

Price Range: 50L per pose or a custom fatpack:

10 Poses = 400L$  (normally 500L$)
20 Poses = 800L$  (normally 1000L$)
30 Poses = 1200L$  (normally 1500L$)
40 Poses = 1600L$  (normally 2000L$)
50 Poses = 2000L$  (normally 2500L$)

A fancy store that screams artsy.  The poses I tried include crawls on all fours, and head back anguished howls.  Kind of cool and economical too.

Ads that preview the poses in the series?  no
Female: yes
Male: yes
Couples: yes
Props: no


Price Range: 25L for some poses, 50L for others, 100L for many of the animated walks (1500L for a fatpack of animations)

I liked isomotion from a model perspective.  It seems very geared for models including model walks and realistic turn capture poses.  So runway wise it's a good place to shop.  There are no pictures so you have to try out the poses yourself on the stands.  On the positive side the animations are well named so when you have them in your inventory, they are easy to fish out.

Ads that preview the poses in the series?  no
Female: yes
Male: yes
Couples: yes
Props: no

tp: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tuvuca/225/218/22

Price Range: 50L per pose (there is a special 20 pose set for 200L but I could not find the fatpacks)

It's very much like the other fashion type pose stores.  Big poster ads, but no reveal into the individual poses making up each set so you have to try out those stands.

Ads that preview the poses in the series?  no
Female: yes
Male: yes
Couples: yes
Props: no
tp: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GABRIEL/173/104/24

Price Range: 100L per pose (about 1600L for a fatpack of about 30+ poses)

Agapee was a popular place for sl models.  There is a large variety to choose from including gown poses, kimono poses, mermaid dress poses, etc. There is a lot to choose some with some good repetitions (e.g. mirrored poses).

Ads that preview the poses in the series?  no
Female: yes
Male: yes
Couples: yes
Props: no


tp: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Taygete/178/162/23

Price Range: 75L per pose or 1200L for a fatpack of about 20 poses

DeePosed pops up a please do not take photographs in the store, so I did not.  It's another fashionable place for posing with a unique presentation.  When you try a pose there, it rezzes a mini photo setting for you, like a wall to lean on, or a fake mini rainstorm.

Ads that preview the poses in the series?  no
Female: yes
Male: no
Couples: no
Props: no

tp: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Renaissance%20Galleria/226/165/24

Price Range: 10L per pose (100L for a fatpack of 6 or so and other deals)

Very affordable poses.  Great value.

Ads that preview the poses in the series?  no
Female: yes
Male: yes
Couples: yes
Props: no


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Theoretically the perfect lip balance is:

A Height of Upper Lip:Height of Lower Lip ratio of 1.4:1.6
or upper lip is 87.5% the height of the lower one

If you eyeball it, the bottom lips are just a bit puffier than the top one.

In my opinion though, lips are a dynamic thing.  They shape according to our expressions.  They can be sad, seductive, angry, worried, happy .. shaping into different sizes and forms depending on what we are expressing.

All sorts of emotions!

The problem with avatars is that their faces are static.  The eyes don't change expression, the lips remain closed.

Lip Width: lip width..  (see my nose proportion post including noses)
Lip Fullness: Like scaling your lips up and down
Lip Thickness: Similar effect to fullness, but look at its effect on your profile view (side view).  It brings the lips outward and inward.
Lip Ratio: How much upper lip you have compared to lower lip
Mouth Position: How far away your lips are from your nose
Mouth Corner: Frowny face :( or Happy Face :)
Lip Cleft Depth: Affects the cupids' bow (the double curve of the upper lip)
Lip Cleft: How far apart the peaks of the cupid's bow are
Shift Mouth: crooked mouth left or right

Here is some general information on lips.  Most of it is to suggest what look you are going for.  Are you a young avatar?  or a mature one?

Outside Corner of Lips
SL Slider: Mouth Corner + Lip Ratio
As you get older your lips get more frowny.  Over time the fat at the corner of the lips disappears and the depressor angularis oris (a muscle that runs from the corner of the lips to the jawbone) tightens and results in a downward look.  This leads to the formation of Marionette lines.

Vermilion Border
SL Slider: Lip Cleft Depth + Lip Cleft + Lip Ratio + Lip Fullness + Lip Thickness + Mouth Corner
This is the lip border that defines the shape of your lips. The vermilion border flattens with age.

Cupid’s Bow
SL Slider: Lip Cleft Depth + Lip Cleft + Lip Ratio + Lip Fullness + Lip Thickness + Mouth Corner
The cupid's bow becomes flatter with age.  The lips in general lose their curves as we age.

Philtral Colums
SL Slider: Lip Cleft + your skin texture
These two vertical lines that project upward from the cupid's bow tend to flatten or disappear with age.

Smooth Textures
SL Slider: your skin texture
Soft, line-free lips telegraph youth.

A Dumbbell-like Lower Lip Contour:
SL Slider: Lip Cleft Depth + Lip Cleft + Lip Ratio + Lip Fullness + Lip Thickness + Mouth Corner
An attractive bottom lip has a subtle symmetric fullness on both sides. This balance can be lost when lips are plumped.  The lower lip contour should be symmetrical on both sides with slightly less volume in the midline, giving a dumbbell shape

Ptosis (droop)
SL Slider: Lip Ratio + Mouth Corner
Line here is creating a sad or unhappily appearance on first impressions.

Lip Angles
SL Slider: varies
Drop due to mid- cheek fat falling down and forward

So Youthful Lips are:
* shaped like a lozenge
* feature an upper lip with a pronounced Cupid's bow
* fullness to each lip
* show off a bit of teeth when in a relaxed smile

All of these decline with age and the lips sag (flatten)

So if you want a more mature looking set of lips reduce the shape of the lips, making it more linear and frowny.

There are many common lip shape categories:

Full lips
Curvy fat lips like Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson
you look: courageous and self-assured.  confident.
full lips of Scarlett Johansson
Makeup tip: just a bit of colour.  no need to go overboard or you'll take attention away from the rest of the face.

Wide lips
Wide stretched lips like Anne Hathaway or Julia Roberts
you look: lively and sociable with many different interests

Makeup tip: all or nothing. wear light balm for day and dark matte at night.

Round lips        
Button-shaped lips like Rachel Bilson and Drew Barrymore 
you look: a bit rebellious and flirtatious, and adventurous.  you are a people magnet.

Makeup tip: go totally pouty.  use glossy.

Thin lips
Thin lips like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson.
you look: intuitive, sensitive and detail-oriented.  Sweet natured, but maybe shy and reserved. 

You should stick to glossy nudes on your lips to accentuate what you have and to balance out your facial features.        

Makeup tip: use neutral pinky beige liner or lipstick.  can also wear lips where the upper lip is more highlighted (show some volume).

Bow-shaped lips
Cute heart-shaped lips like Hayden Panettiere and Reese Witherspoon
you look: independent, seductive and expressive with a joy of living life.  You stay glamorous, but aren't afraid to speak your mind.

Makeup tip: Wear a range of colors, from stunning deep shades to soft, toned-down ones.

Downward-turned lips
Downward shaped lips like Renee Zellweger and Natalie Portman
you look: Private and mysterious. Exotic and Quick-witted.  Brainy but high maintenance.

Makeup tip: Wear sheer, neutral colors.


More to come on this subject...
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Body Shape

Wearing the right clothes for your body shape is our daily challenge, and source of fun as well.

And our avatars are no different. The beauty of SL (compared to some less flexible avatar systems) is the ability to shape avatars into all sort of wonderful shapes.

We can have fat avatars, muscular avatars, thin avatars, tall avatars and short avatars.

After you've proportioned your avatar nicely (see my old posts on the subject), you have to fill in that height with something. A body shape!


In figure drawing it is often recommended to start with the shoulder width. They say you can more easily get the proportions correct by getting the shoulders right at the beginning.

Let's start with shoulders 1 head width apart. This is almost impossible in SL to achieve.

Here I am with head at maximum size and shoulders at 0 size.

1 shoulder width part (kind of)
The widest your shoulder should be is 1 additional head width from the side of the side of the head. This is also pretty hard to do.

Here I am with head at minimum size and shoulders at 100 size.

1 additional head width on either side of the shoulders (kind of)

So measuring the width of your shoulders, you should not go over 3 head widths (if you can even do that).

The ideal range is ¼ head width on each side (1.5 head widths shoulder length) to ½ head width on each side (2 head widths shoulder length).

about 1/2 a head width on each side

Based on 7.5 head tall person:

Shoulder to fingertip - 3 and 1/2 heads (Collar bone to finger tips)
Armpit to fingertip - 3 heads (Armpit to the tip of the index finger)
The lower arm and hand - 2 heads (The distance between the elbow and the tip of the index finger)
The Upper Arm- 1 1/2 heads 
Hand - 3/4 heads
The Foot is roughly the length of a hand without the toes.

You can apply grade school ratio math to adjust this to your size.

6 heads tall
heads tall
heads tall
heads tall
heads tall
heads tall
heads tall
heads tall
heads tall
heads tall
heads tall
Shoulder to fingertip
Armpit to fingertip
The lower arm and hand
The Upper Arm

armpit to fingertip, 3 head lengths.. this shape is 8 heads tall, so I mike stretch it a bit past the line.


There are a lot of interpretations of body shapes. For example glam check (http://www.glamcheck.com/fashion/2011/03/16/women-body-shapes/) defines four body shapes in women:

The Rectangle / Lymphatic / Banana body shape The Triangle / Thyroid / Pear body shape The Tulip or Inverted Triangle/ Android / Apple body shape The Hour Glass/ Gynaeoid body shape

Some sites have gone even more detailed in the different shapes, including 12 shapes:

But I like the four basics. Rectangle, Triangle, Spoon and Hourglass. Lots of shapes blur between these four basics as you will read (and might disagree on category) below:

A rectangular body is more or less straight up and down, like a brick.
shoulder width = hip width (more or less)
waist is almost aligned with hip and shoulder too
a rectangle's legs will seem long though
the waist is the feature that adds curves and differentiates upper body from lower body. so without a sharp distinction the lines seems longer.

In SL:
Shape > Torso > Shoulders
Shape > Torso > Love Handles
Shape > Legs > Hip Width
Are all pretty close in close to each other. This will give a rectangle.

You can have many types of rectangles including:

Slim Female Figure
Hips and shoulders are sharp edged.

Hips should curve with a noticeable groove between hip and the thigh.

Breast outline is within chest area.

Toned Female 
Wide to narrow quadrilateral on narrow to wide quadrilateral

Shoulder width same width as Hips

Waistline is less wide but there should not be a flagrant indent

Breast outline touches chest lines (not within)

Waist (hip length) stretched a touch to show separation between upper and lower body

What to Wear?
Clothes will look nice on you, but you can create curves by accentuating the waist (look for colours and patterns)
Wearing shoulder pads was also listed as a possibility to add dimension but.. gag (hello 80s). Some SL models go overboard on this with avant-garde/shock/bizarre styling.
Wide leg trousers are nice too and balance proportions to accent the slender upper body.
Show off some leg. The mini skirt is good with nice heels.

In this shape you are top heavy.
Thighs and hips are smaller than bust-size and shoulders.
Waist-line is average and less defined.
Legs slimmer and bottom flatter.

Shape > Torso > Shoulders are wider than the others on this list
Shape > Torso > Love Handles
Shape > Legs > Hip Width
This will give a triangle.

You can have many types of inverted triangles including:

Athletic Female Figure
In athletic females, the hips are narrow compared to shoulder (shoulders are wider because of muscles)
Curve leading into hips starts higher, just below rib cage and has a straight line (increase love handles, decrease hip length)

As above but also..
Shape > Torso > Torso Length shorten this (because hips start higher)
Shape > Legs > Hip Length lengthen this if you want (to compensate for the shortened torso length and give you the lean look still)

What to Wear?
Clothes with designs at the bottom like frills, chains, tiers. It takes the strength of a heavy upper body and creates an effect that makes the hips seem wider.

Or some other design that creates a thinner waist look/wider hip

SPOON (also called TRIANGLE)
Narrow at the top and wide at the bottom.
Have full bottom, heavy thighs and hips are wider than waist and shoulders.
Upper half is proportionate and slim in comparison.

Shape > Torso > Shoulders are narrower than the hip width
Shape > Torso > Love Handles vary
Shape > Legs > Hip Width are wider than the others on this list
This will give a triangle.

You can have many types of spoons including:

Pear Figured Female
Hip width is wider than shoulders
Breast outline touches chest lines
Tummy noticeable (increase belly size)
Can allow more width in waist (hip length)

Voluptuous Figure (kind of.. this might fall also into other categories)
Body is made of a double quadrilateral + guitar
Shoulder and Hips are same width
Breast outline is bigger than chest line and rounded
Waist is longer (stretch it a bit)
Break the instant connection from waist to bottom with another curve – define love handles
Tummy should be close to waist, hip and thigh outlines
Have voluptuous bottom and rounded tummy

What to Wear?
Layer at the top or add volumes of ruffles, frills to create a well proportioned look
Also can expose skin with wider necklines
Mix solid darks at the bottom and lights at the top to balance off proportions
Wear prints only for shirts and blouses (to draw attention to the top, not bottom)
Wear pants with wider legs -- just as wide as the widest part of the hip and falls down to just touch the foot to make the legs look slim and long.

Curvey figure with breasts and hips in proportion and balance.
Shoulders are about proportioned with hips
Bust and Hip are about the same
Well defined with slim waistline that accentuates hips and bust

Shape > Torso > Shoulders are about same as hip
Shape > Torso > Love Handles slide down to create a curve between top and bottom
Shape > Legs > Hip Width are about same as shoulder

You can have many types of hourglasses including:

Guitar/Hourglass Female Figure
Waist (hip length) is short
Exaggerated curve inwards at waist
Shoulder and Hips are same width

Breast outline is bigger than chest line
Increase belly size to make it noticeable

When considering typical body shapes, men will often fall into one of five categories:
1. trapezoid, 2. inverted triangle, 3. rectangle, 4. triangle or 5. oval.

THE TRAPEZOID broad shoulders broad chest narrow waist narrow hips upper and lower body are balanced

In SL Shape > Torso > Shoulders: wide Shape > Torso > Love Handles: appropriate.. avoid weird curves Shape > Legs > Hip Width: narrow
You can have many types of trapezoids including:

- put a small curve/indent at the bottom of the ribcage area (this is done through love handles in SL or contrasting some chest and belly proportions )
- accentuate the sternum area

- create a square shape in the stomach area (try torso length sliders)
- the shoulders should curve a bit upwards (try playing with muscular sliders, thickness etc)

- this is identical to muscular except not as muscled and thick

TONED FIGURED MALE(almost rectangle)
- lessen the definition in the chest (shrink it a bit) and abs
- can show a bit of a curve between mid section line and where it connects to waist

What to Wear? - simpler shape to dress than others - most styles suit this shape because it is well proportioned - try everything. you have a good shape so you can try new trends, cuts, colours, bold prints, statement pieces


broad shoulders broad chest even narrower hips and waist than trapezoid upper torso should be much wider than lower torso this is a common shape for athletic frames and weight lifter types/muscle men

In SL Shape > Torso > Shoulders: very wide Shape > Torso > Love Handles: appropriate.. avoid weird curves Shape > Legs > Hip Width: very narrow

You can have many types of inverted triangles including:
the above mentioned for trapezoid (if their upper is way larger than the lower)

What to Wear? as always in fashion, you want balance. since you're top heavy, you want details in the lower half to offset the big upper. try using belts, pockets -- manly stuff to draw some attention to the lower half away from the upper try V necks (they narrow the chest) and draw the eye down try graphic prints and logos -- they create a focal point that reduces the attention to the upper chest try pants that are straight or more relaxed slims (not skinny and slims) pants because you'll add some volume to your lower half try fancy pants to draw the eye down Don’t: Wear structured jackets with shoulder padding or wide lapels. This will only emphasise the widest area. Consider tops with wide scoop necklines. Again, this will only appear to widen that area. Wear three quarter length sleeves that will broaden the appearance of your chest. Try to stick with shorter sleeves for anything but formal shirts. Opt for skinny leg cuts as they will make the top half of your body appear even wider – throwing out your proportions further. Gravitate towards shoulder detailing/prints/colour-blocking. Pieces that incorporate such detailing will only draw the eyes to that area.

shoulders same width as waist and hips

In SL: Shape > Torso > Shoulders: aligned with hips Shape > Torso > Love Handles: forms a line between chest and hip Shape > Legs > Hip Width: aligned with shoulders

You can have many types of rectangles including:

Smooth Figured Male

the outline that defines the waist (love handles in SL) isntead of connecting the the hips and moving down to shape out the thighs, have them curve outwards a bit before rounding back in to connect back with the hips.

What to wear? men should have that V shape, so widen the shoulder and narrow the waist in comparison (try to look like the trapezoid shape)

try: jackets with padded shoulders but narrow down from the underarm scarves and circular necklines to widen the upper torso layer with shirts, jackets and undershirts to widen chest/shoulders and narrow down to the hips use prints and block that give emphasis to upper
don't wear anything that strengthens the rectangular shape Layer intelligently – shirts and fine knitwear in particular can be used to widen the chest/shoulders and then narrow down towards the hips. Utilise prints and patterns accordingly – intelligently placed colour-blocks and prints can be effective at emphasising the upper section of your body.


Wear double-breasted pieces as these will only strengthen the rectangular shape. don't wear photographic tees or large geometries - they will emphasize the rectangular shape (think a picture frame) wear sleeveless stuff (makes a rectangle in the middle) use bright primary block colours on the torso (unless print, detailing or an appropriate neckline is used)

THE TRIANGLE chest, shoulders are narrower than waist and hips (your bottom half is bigger) may result in sloping shoulder line

In SL: Shape > Torso > Shoulders: narrow Shape > Torso > Love Handles: maybe be chubby Shape > Legs > Hip Width: wide

You can have many types of triangles including:


there should be a sideways oval around the belly area to show of a bit of a tummy
remember your profile view too, increase tummy size (weird to have a flat tummy that bulges at the sides)

What to wear? emphasize upper half must wear well-fitted clothing straighter leg pants give shape to shoulders wear darker colours on top try adding a scarf or bright layer (like tee or shirt)

Don't wear horizontal stripes across tummy wear polo necks or narrow crew-necks (emphasizes your shape) wear skinny jeans/tapered pants wear jackets with lots of pockets at the front (brings attention to tummy)

THE OVAL round at middle part of body narrower shoulders and slimmer legs shape of older men

In SL: Shape > Torso > Shoulders: narrower than mid section Shape > Torso > Love Handles: wide Shape > Legs > Hip Width: narrower than mid section
You can have many types of ovals including:


this is the same as described in triangle
the difference is the bottom half is more proportioned with the upper. It's just the bulge in the middle.

What to wear?

wear vertical stripes and pinstripes (lengthens body) avoid pants that are too long (like prim cuffs), or too short wear prints or textures of dark hue to add point of interest in outfit wear fitted, loosely tapering trousers to lengthen legs wear low profile shoes
Don’t: Wear horizontal stripes anywhere on the body as they will make that part appear rounder. wear cowl necks wear wide crew necks wear polo necks wear shoes with white soles or trim (they widen feet and make your legs look shorter) wear boots that can make your legs look shorter wear double breasted jackets

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